We believe that individuals can reach their potential faster together than on their own. When everyone shares knowledge with each other individuals are able to take on challenges that require the competencies and experiences of many. We also believe that what constitutes relevant and business critical knowledge changes rapidly over time and that no single person can stay on top of it all.

Edge is Netlight’s initiative that covers all the ways that Netlight and Netlighters maintain, develop and share current valuable competence and knowledge in relevant areas of our domains. Edge happens whenever business relevant knowledge is shared between Netlighters – an essential part of Netlight’s core processes. We share knowledge among each other to fulfill our promise to our clients and ourselves. With one consultant from Netlight you get the whole company’s experience and engagement. This is what we call Edge.

Knowledge sharing across borders

Edge includes everything from daily knowledge sharing, to regular meetups and the annual Edge Academy and Edge Conference.

Netlight’s culture is about creating together, sharing knowledge and supporting each other to achieve more. Dedicated Solution Management ensures every client engagement gains access to our common knowledge and best practise. Through organically organized expert groups, called Competence Cells, and by the nature of being a non-hierarchical networkbased organization Netlight is able to scale knowledge sharing while remaining personal and passionate. With Edge knowledge management becomes a way of life.