Edge Academy is an intimate knowledge sharing festival held at our Netlight offices all across Europe. The festival is arranged once a year during a week in a concentrated knowledge exhibition covering the collective knowledge of Netlight. The week is filled with seminars, talks, workshops and labs focusing on areas currently either challenging or providing great business opportunities to our clients, today and in the near future.

Edge Academy 2019 – the Impact Edition

The fundamental idea behind Netlight is to unleash full potential (in our clients and ourselves) – to make an Impact! We choose music to be the symbol of Impact for its qualities to be strong, taking you to new places, subtle, striking a chord within ourselves, and revolutionary, moving an entire world. This February, Netlighters will share their most challenging and favorite technological, design-oriented and inspirational Netlight Moments which made an Impact.

  • Helsinki
  • Stockholm
  • Copenhagen
  • Oslo
  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Hamburg
  • Zurich

Edge Academy 2018

All Offices 13-16 February

Moments are what Netlight is made of, and more importantly, moments are what Netlighters create. The second week in February, Netlighters shared their favorite and most challenging technological, design oriented and inspirational Netlight Moments.

Edge Academy 2017

All Offices 14-17 February

New to the Edge Academy this year was that we for the first time invited clients to our knowledge sharing festival. We shared love stories in the forefront of digitalization, covering topics like FinTech, Home Automation, blocking the Adblock, Microservices, UX, JavaScript, DevOps, getting to know the GoLang programming language. Held workshops in visual communication, interview techniques, sustainability and Lean Coffee discussing Management.

Edge Academy 2016

All Offices 12-18 February

In 2016 the focus was on Big Data and Data Analytics. We covered topics like BI, game development, architecture, ai, project management, machine learning, internet of things (IoT), frameworks, hosting, e-commerce, javascript and so on. In the end, it all comes down to cutting edge technology.

Edge Academy 2015

All Offices 16-20 February

An impressive number of 100+ speakers explored complexity and trends in the digital world of ours. It was a great success and learning journey with motivational, inspirational and edgy content such as mobile payments, NodeJS, AngularJS, Ansible, DevOps, SCRUM, Agile, API Security and more. Our minds are always set on stretching, challenging and bringing new ideas to netlighters and all our clients.